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DECORATE YOUR HAIR.......with the help of Ines-Lang-Design


You chose a hair-piece from the gallery and it will be produced in your own hair colour - several colours are possible (Mèchen). You send me a little sample of your hair!

The hair-piece is produced of artificial silk hair, is light like a feather and hollow inside. It can be decorated with Strass or Swarovski-Stones, or individually styled with your or my ideas.

Inside the hair-piece a little comb can be incorporated to give it a better hold.

There are also special models for short hair, these models are already formed in a head-shape.

The mobile additional parts make it possible that you can change your hairstyle again and again.

I am the producer and it is possible, that if you send me a photo of a hairstyle, I can produce the hair-piece exactly like the photo in a colour of your choice.

Instructions for use and care you can find enclosed the shipment.

I will also advice you with pleasure to chose the right hair-piece for you!

All hair-pieces are special products, little differences of patterns are possible!

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